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  • Gail Birks

Sustainable Leadership is achieved through the acquisition of skills and experiences

2015 is the year of fast forward. As a Leader in your organization, do you have the right tools in your toolbox? It is essential for sustainability as well as your ongoing success. Organizer Leaders who have Successfully Sustained in this business environment have these skill sets in their toolbox…

  • The ability to Managing Changing Expectations

  • Effective Communication … verbal and written

  • Know their Leadership Style and share it with their workforce

  • Understanding the HR Cycle of Hiring, Developing and Exit strategies

  • Are Proactive in inclusive Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Engage their workforce in good Fiscal Management and Cost of Poor Quality

  • Advocate Diversity and Inclusion

  • Are engaged Coaches and Mentors

  • Have a Winning Presentation Style

  • Master Time Management

  • Setting Performance Metrics for everyone including themselves

  • Invite discussion on Enterprise Risk Management and Organization Maturity

  • Facilitating Effective Meetings

  • Negotiation and Influencing

  • Understand the Controllables in your Environment

  • Are involved in Building the Business Case for Sustainable Success

  • Managing the internal challenges of organization transformation

  • Facilitating Strategic Alignment and Deployment

  • Building the Business Case for Continuous Improvement

  • Enterprise Risk Management and Organization Maturity

  • Identify Critical Paths

  • Effectively Communicating Your Message


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