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Classroom/Online Excursions...

 (hosting fees may apply.)

We have taken all of the excuses away when it comes to professional development.  Our online courses mirror the classroom sessions right down to the voices that you hear in the narrations of the tools.  "Click on" the links to view the course details.   All sessions unless indicated have worksheets and templates that you can download, videos, exercises, quizzes and other surprises.  We have planned these EXCURSIONS as if we were right there with you... AND WE ARE!!!​  Request your QUOTE TODAY!!!


We also have a PAY AS YOU GO PROGRAM for our clients who have smaller budgets, but want to still expand your universe.

Lean Six Sigma Series

​You can now enjoy the lean certiication course from the comfort of your office or home.  Our Lean  courses and exams are available online and in blended format 24/7/365.  These excursions are identical to the classroom sessions, and include live Q&A sessions with your Lean Master Black Belt Instructor. 


The time frame to complete the sessions vary by the belt complexity and range from 30 days to 18 months.  


Click  the links below to view our Certification and Lean  excursions.  Then LET'S TALK ABOUT YOUR BREAKTHRU!!

Pay as you Go Program

CLICK  to "EXPLORE THE OBVIOUS"  when embarking on your Lean Journey.  Now you can invest in the modules that will expand your universe as your budget allows.  The timeframes to complete the modules still apply.

Lean Project Management

We are considered a third party provider for this curriculum and it is accepted by PMI.  The curriculum is designed in accordance with the PMBoK as published by PMI.  And provides you with the same experience that your counterparts in the classroom will have.


We provide you with a  more relaxed time frame of up to 60 days to work through the modules in the course.  And we will be available to assist you when needed.

Diversity Series


​Manage your diversity issues online as if you were in the classroom.  We now have Diversity Awareness and Sensitivity, Race Relations, A Community Conversation, and Supplier Diversity waiting for you to click on that button.  Courses can be customized to address your challenges and incorporate quizzes to ensure that the content has been retained. 


The time frame for accessing the course can range from 1 week for an individual to up to 1 year for an organization wide diversity initiative.  Click Here to REGISTER for your ONDEMAND Session

State of Florida Charter School Board Governance Series

​The 2 hour, 4 hour and 10-Pack (group discount) are available through the Breakthru Institute.  Our Program has been approved by the Florida Department of Education - Schools of Choice.


Attendees have up to 30 days to complete the sessions (4 hr and 2 hour).

Leadership Series

Understanding the "unwritten rules of the game" called management is what we educate you on in our curriculums.  From the management of a diverse workforce, to the legality of holding a position of leadership, to overseeing your BFFs, TBI strives to provide you with the right tools to succeed in the assignment of your life...MANAGEMENT!!!   As  Managers/Leaders, we have to walk the talk by showing your workforce that you understand the importance and accountability of QUALITY SERVICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS. 


 Be careful what you ask for...Are you really ready for the CHALLENGE???


The Time frames to complete course topics or an entire series ranges from 1 week to 6 months.

Entrepreneurship Excellence Series

​Our Entrepreneurship Excursion shares the unwritten rules of the game.  It also gives you tools that will evolve with you as your business grows.  Plan for your success by building your strategies from A to Z.


The time frame to complete the series ranges from 6 months to 1 year.  

Practitioner's Excellence Series

Whether you're an internal trainer/consultant or an independent practitioner, we want you to have the RIGHT TOOLS in your TOOLBOX.   We help you to build your business case for SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS SOLUTIONS by showing you how to build your own.  It is a “HOW TO” EXCURSION and shows you the UNWRITTEN RULES OF THE GAME OF CONSULTING AND TRAINING


The time frame to complete this excursion is approximately 6 months.


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