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Leadership and Managerial Excursions

Be Careful What You Ask For!!!


Being a successful leader in your organization is important.  More so, the ability to being  sustainable is key to your personal life line. 


TBI understands this desire and as a  result designed this academy for new and seasoned leaders who want to refresh, acquire and sharpen their skill sets in the “figure it out as you go” world of leadership.  It is a moving target and we have created a toolbox series that will ease some of the uncertainty.


        Why Use TBI for your Leadership Development?


•Repeat success in raising  levels of maturity, capability and capacity that deliver AHA Moments  again… and again


•We understand by listening... Then we customize our prescription.


•Our “tools,” coaching and consulting methodologies are designed to show you how to “FISH” and expand your territory.


•Our Coaches have walked in your shoes… Really!!!  No guessing about how you feel. 


•We get sustainable results again and again.


•When you hire The CMA Team, you are getting Senior Level Practitioners.






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