Pay as You Go Lean Excursions


"Pay as You Go" Program

Lean Six Sigma Path to Success

We have thought that you may have the desire, but not the budget to embark on this journey.   As a result, we have structured our program so that you can "explore the obvious", one module at a time.     Hence, making this opportunity more affordable.  


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Lean Six Sigma Certification Series (Online)
Pricing is inclusive of course materials, coaching, training modules and coaching where applicable.  (Software requirements pricing is separate and subject to change)
All Modules must be completed in the sequence outlined on this page.  As you complete each module, Candidates will need to purchase the next module in the course until you have satisfied all of the requirements for certification.



Timeframe to complete:  up to 30 days

8 HRCI Credit hours awarded


This 8 hour equivalency is designed to assist emerging Lean Professionals with  an introduction to the Lean Six Sigma Universe.  Candidates will learn level appropriate tools using a case study that will provide a “real time” experience  in using the templates and worksheets included in your  toolbox. 


Prerequisite:  None


Lean Yellow Belt


Timeframe to complete: varies  (standard timeframe is 45 days)



This online 16 hour equivalency course (5 modules) is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, concepts, and language, along with a  starter toolbox of  worksheets and templates to run Level One initiatives

Pre-requisite:  None

QiMacros Software (optional)

Module 1:  LSSYB Define

The optional software subscription is  QiMacros.  Candidates can perform in this excursion without it, but is strongly recommended.  

Module 2:  LSSYB Measure

Module 3:  LSSYB Analyze

Module 4:  LSSYB Improve

Module 5:  LSSYB Control/Monitor


Lean Green Belt


Timeframe to complete: varies (standard timeframe is up to 180 days)


Is there a Candidate Criteria?

•(optional) Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification (The first two days of the course will provide a Yellow Belt level Orientation)

•The desire to learn analytical method to problem solving and decision making

•Completion  of the certification exam

•Completion of a belt level project using tools



Module 1:  LSSGB Define

Module 2:  LSSGB Measure

Module 3:  LSSGB Analyze

Module 4:  LSSGB Improve

Module 5:  LSSGB Control/Monitor


Lean Black Belt



Timeframe :  varies (standard timeframe is up to 12 months)


Is there a Candidate Criteria?

•Active Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

•Portfolio submission of a minimum of 5-7 green belt level completed projects or 2-4 years experience of Project Mentoring (at least 5)

•Certification exam

•Complete a belt level project using tools

Module 1:  LSSBB Project Mobilization

Module 2:  LSSBB Define

Module 3:  LSSBB Measure

Module 4:  LSSBB Analyze

Module 5:  LSSBB Improve

Module 6:  LSSBB Control/Monitor


Lean Master Black Belt


Timeframe:  varies   (stanard timeframe is up to 12 months)


Candidate Criteria:

•Active Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

•Portfolio of 7-10 black belt level completed projects or 3-5 years experience as an active Certified Black  Belt

•Evidence of Project Mentoring (at least 5)

•Submission of completed MBB Application

•Complete a belt level project using tools



Module 1:  LMBB Enterprise Wide Planning & Deployment

Module 2:  LMBB Cross Functional Competencies

Module 3:  LMBB Project Management

Module 4:  LMBB Training Design & Delivery

Module 5:  LMBB Mentoring Responsibilities

Module 6:  LMBB Advanced Six Sigma & Statistics


Estimated Timeframe:  up to 60 days per module

13 HRCI Credit Hours awarded​

Is there a Candidate Criteria?

Must be in a leadership and/or in a process owner capacity in your organization



Lean Champion


Module 1:  -An Overview

                     -Your Organization Culture

                     -Managing the Business Renewal Process

Module 2: 

                     -Building Your Strategy for Organization 


                     -Creating Your System

                     -Brainstorming Solutions

Module 3:  -Your Organization Culture

                     -Deployment Strategies

                     -Monitoring Performance & Milestones


Lean Business Leader & Entrepreneur


Estimated Timeframe:  Up to 90 days per module


Is there a Candidate Criteria?

Candidates should be in business/organizations at least 5 years.



Module 1:  -The Voice of the Customer/Business



Module 2: -Maturity and Capability Levels


Module 3:  -Time & Resource Management


Module 4:  -Financial Measures

                     -Building a Balanced Scorecard

Module 5: -Supply & Demand Forecasting Models

Module 6:  -Negotiating Your Winning Message

                     -Bringing it all together


Timeframe:  varies      (standard timeframe is up to 180 days)



Is there a Candidate Criteria?

•No Criteria, but should have some experience in operating your own business, project/initiative, or department


TPS - A Lean Approach


Module 1: 


Just - In - Time (Takt/Flow/Pull)


Human Resource Development

Module 2: 

Module 3: 

Kaizen Blitz

Module 4: 

Error Proofing and Quality


Leveling and Production


Module 5: 

Module 6: 

Sustainability with

   Standardized Process


Lean LockStep Program


Timeframe:  varies      (standard timeframe is up to 1 year)



Is there a Candidate Criteria?

•No Criteria, but should have some experience in operating your own business.

*Segments must be done in sequence.

Yellow Belt Segment

Module 1: 

Module 2: 

Module 3: 

Module 4: 

Module 5: 

Green Belt Segment

Module 6: 

Module 7: 

Module 8: 

Module 9: 

Module 10: 

Black Belt Segment

Module 11: 

Module 12: 

Module 13: 

Module 14: 

Module 15: 


Lean Project Management


This 1 day course equivalency  is designed to assist emerging Leaders  with  an introduction to essential tools and methodology for Project Management.  

6.75 HRCI Credit Hours Awarded

Lean Project Management:  The training will introduce all of the key elements of Project Management in accordance to the body of knowledge with emphasis on the core methods and analytical  tools that are important to sustainable and successful project management (PM) with a “taste” of Lean Six Sigma.