Webinars and Self-directed Online Excursion

We wanted to make sure that you can enjoy our excursions at any time wherever you are.   The courses include live instruction, participant guides, and a toolbox where applicable.

Lean Six Sigma Academy (click here)
Certification Courses must be done in sequence
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Leadership Excellence Academy

Leadership Development - Level I



    • Speaking My Language
    • Building Trust
    • Coaching Your Team For Sustainable Success


    • Building Towards Sustainable Success

    • Preparing for the Appraisal Session

    • Facilitating the Feedback Session


    • Mastering My Time
    • Prioritizing Your Time
    • Effective Resource
    • Risk Management




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Lean Business Leader -  MASTER CLASS


(DiSC Work of Leaders is required)

  • Managing the Voice of the Customer/Business (video version)    

  •         "              "     "        "    "                   "                     (Audio version)

  • Capability and Maturity Models (video version)

  •         "            "            "                "       (audio version)

  •  Time and Resource Management (video version)

  •     "        "        "                        "              (audio version)

  •  Supply and Demand Forecasting (video version)

  •         "         "            "             "               (audio version)

  •  Financial Metrics (video version)

  •          "              "         (audio version)

  • Crafting Winning Messages of Transformation:  Bringing it all  Together (video version)

  •     "                "                  "            "                "                       "           "   "         "          (audio version)

  • Board Readiness - Governance

Entrepreneur Excellence Academy

 "Takin' It To The Next Level -  13 Radio Segments

Lean Project Management Academy
  • 2 day equivalency (BoK compliant) Course

  • 1 day equivalency PM introduction Course

Diversity and Inclusion Academy
General Topics - Ala Carte Excursions
  • Organization Development

    • Creating your Stability Plan for Sustainable Success​

    • Managing with An Accountability Scorecard

    • Capacity/Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

    • Weighing the Risks of Transformation

    • Strategic Planning and Implementation

    • Supply and Demand Forecasting

  • Process and Performance Improvement
    • TRIZ​
    • Gage R&R
    • Failure, Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Mobilizing a Cultural /Organization Transformation
    • Strategic Planning:  A template for success
    • Cost of Quality and Prevention Measures


  • Project Management

    • Mobilizing your Projects and Teams

    • Creating Organization/Project Team Charters

    • Managing the Handoff Plan​

    • Managing Critical Paths:  Lead time and Float

  • ​Leadership
    • Peer Today Boss... Tomorrow​

    • Development of Exit Strategies

    • Facilitating Effective Meetings

    • Negotiating and Influencing Skills

    • Problem Solving and Decision Making

    • Mentoring and Coaching for Mutual Success

    • Motivating and Managing Organization Dynamics:  Office Politics

    • Becoming a Resolutionist to Conflict

    • Corrective Action Planning

    • Managing Your DiSC

  • Women in Leadership

    • Finding Our Voices... Retaining Our Power and Influence​

  • HR Management  and Compliance Issues

  • Time Management

    • Time Mastery (DiSC)​

    • Takt Time and Resource Allocation

    • Time Value and Utility Functions

  • Customer Relations

  • Team Building

    • Managing Team Dynamics (DiSC)​

    • Collaborating for Success:  Team SWOTT/PEST

    • Strategic Partnerships

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Communication and Presentation Skills

    • Creating and Negotiating Your Winning Message​

    • Crisis Management Messaging

    • Presentation Skills

    • Negotiating Skills


  • Practitioner Professional Development

    • Training and Delivery​:  Developing your roadmap

    • Costing your Engagements