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So... This is What "They" Said!


“…Your excellent presentation skills and the high energy you exhibited throughout the session made for quite a lively, interactive workshop. From the many questions raised by participants, I have no doubt that they were able to leave the workshop with information that can help their organizations through these tough times …”

 H. Nathan Charles, Director-HRABC Professional Development

 SHRM Chapter

“… Ms. Birks is extremely knowledgeable in the content (she trains on) and brings many real life experiences to her clients. She is very personable and adapts to your needs rather than providing a standard program that has limited flexibility…”

Mark A. Grey, Assistant Superintendent for Business Svcs.

 Polk County Schools


 “…From your training, we learned exactly what we needed to do and steps that we should take to get us on the right track. Everyone worked hard to do their part and we are now a much stronger and dedicated board. … We are in a much stronger financial position as a result of your involvement…”

 Lucy Weber, Past Board Chairperson

 HANDY, Inc.

 “…It gives me great pleasure to recommend CMA Enterprise Incorporated… In a three year timeframe the CMA Team has delivered Project Planning, and Scheduling, Team Dimensions, Kaizens and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Yellow Belt Training. I recommend them with enthusiasm and given the opportunity would engage them again in future training initiatives…”

 Peterjohn Plummer, Sr. Mgr. – Operations Systems Projects

 Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc



"... ​Ms. Gail had really good patience with this group. We laughed and learned all in one. Thank you!"

Participant, Ann Storck Center

(PPC location)
















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