The Breakthru Institute is a South Florida Training Organization  that serves as your Conduit to reducing and/or eliminating roadblocks that occasionally arise in your business, talent base, leadership or processes.  Our training experiences focus on best practices and techniques.  We also bring into our universe practical tools that are easy to implement in your organization.

We are in the classroom... We are virtual... and We are here to coach you when you want independent study.​

​Who can benefit by attending The Breakthru Instutute Academies?  The answer is EVERYONE!  Our tools transcend across all industry lines and businesses large and small.

Through our methods of "EDU-TAINMENT"  (that's education and entertainment squashed together), we bring new and innovative concepts to adult learning that have proven to be sustainable and transforming at all levels of your organizations.  We focus on bringing out the AHA!!!!! MOMENTS  in you.



























"Minds are like parachutes...

They only work when opened."

                  ~Thomas Dewar


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