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Ala Carte Excursions

The Breakthru Institute also has single topic training sessions available for our Clients.  At your request, we can make them available in the following venues:  Facilitator led sessions, Webinars, or Online Self-study.  The preferred  enrollment for facilitator led classes is sessions is 15-25 participants . 

Being an aspiring or successful leader in your organization and community is important.  More so is the ability to have sustainable impact is key to your life line. 


We understands this desire and as a  result designed this offering for tools to refresh, acquire and sharpen their skill sets in the “figure it out as you go” world of business and entrepreneurship.  It is a moving target and we have created  mini toolbox series that ease some of the uncertainty.


Offerings range from one (1) hour to one (1) year in time commitment for the participant depending on the course  or academy in which you are enrolled.  Download our catalog or request a quote.   Let's Talk Out Loud Real Soon.

















Sometimes you just want to be left alone.   We get that.  Breakthru Self Directed Courses are available for you to access and complete on your own.  We offer large and small training excursions in the following categories...

  • Organization Development

  • Leadership

  • Process Improvement

  • Project Management

  • Performance Improvement

  • HR Managemewnt & Compliance

  • Board Governance

  • Mentoring and Coaching

  • Team Building

  • Time Management

  • Customer Relations

  • Financial Mangement

  • Entepreneurship Development

  • Communication Skills

  • Marketing Essentials

  • Kaizen Events




















Topic Specific Breakthru Sessions

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