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Entrepreneurship Excellence Mini-Excursions

Many Entrepreneurs strive to take their businesses to the next level and only need to focus on a few areas to improve their organizations.  Regardless of the size, these mini-sessions can help you to strengthen the weaker spots and/or staff. you can take them individually or in the Entrepreneurship Excellence Series.  What ever your choice, you will be more enriched for doing so.  All sessions include topic materials and of course your toolkit loaded with worksheets and templates to use again and again.  Our virtual workshops are available through Online/Blended Training or Coaching Platforms and tailored just for you where you are.

"Understanding the realities of being your own boss"

Obtain some insight up front about whether entrepreneurship is really the right career for you.   This session is an orientation for individuals who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs or remain in this space.



"Creating your Road Map to Success"

Those who fail to plan... plan to fail.  This session introduces the most important tool that you will use in entrepreneurship... The Business Plan.  Join us to "Fill in the Blanks."


"Financial Management for the Entrepreneur "

Managing the profits is probably the most challenging aspect of being your own boss.  Learn how to set up your financial infrastructure, track your spending, budget so that you can pay yourself as you are paying others, give "Uncle Sam" his share and establish reserves for a "rainy day."


"Bid Development... Understanding how to
competitively price your worth."
You won the bid, but lost money on the deal.  Where did we go wrong?  Learn how to competitively price your value.  And avoid taking an extra bath on the deal.  Both you and your customers will appreciate it so much more.


"Marketing with a Purpose and the use of Technology"
Learn how to market with a zero budget and maximize the resources that are waiting for you in the universe of Social Media.  Proven techiques and tools will be shared in this highly interactive workshop that yields some rather incredible OOOOO... AAAAAAAH!!! MOMENTS.
"Legal Aspects of Human Resource Administration

Not that you are really in charge, you need to build your team.  Once you have determined what positions are needed, now you have to find the people to fill the slots.   Your mission if you choose to accept it is finding the candidates.


This workshop is designed to provide you with a check list to consider as you build your team that will be "on the bus" for sustainable success.  Also included in this workshop module are the employment laws that you need to be familiar with.

"Business Contracts, Agreements and Partnerships"
No longer can business be done solely on a handshake.  Learn about the pros and cons of business contracts and which ones to use and when.  This one can make your head spin!
"Financial Literacy and your Own Sustainability"
Plan your life to eliminate the worry of "do we have enough to get us through?"  Learn the various aspects of personal budgeting in level one of this much needed excursion.  Attendees will also learn how to repair their credit and fico scores and start your estate planning.  
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