If you do not have the budget to pay for this experience all at once,   "PAY AS YOU LEARN" .   All Modules must be completed in the sequence outlined on this page.  As you complete each module, Candidates will need to purchase the next module in the course until you have satisfied all of the requirements for certification.


We have also created mini curriculums for you to enjoy called "Kaizens" .  These short modules give you  Lean Six Sigma in small bites..



Let's Talk Out Loud

Visit us at TSU's Office of Continuing Education or email us at continuinged@tnstate.edu.   Call us at 615-963-7001.


Registration Checks should be made payable to TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY  with "LEAN SIX SIGMA" in the memo line.

Pricing is inclusive of course materials, coaching, training modules and coaching where applicable.  (Software requirements pricing is subject to change)

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"click" here to download registration form.  Read carefully.  Complete and return to HBCU representative and email to info@breakthruinstitute.biz before paying for course.

Open Enrollment Schedule for 2018-2019

Lean Six Sigma White Belt                                                        August 26 and 27

(two half day sessions with certification exam)




Timeframe to complete:  up to 30 days


This 8 hour equivalency is designed to assist emerging Lean Professionals with  an introduction to the Lean Six Sigma Universe.  Candidates will learn level appropriate tools using a case study that will provide a “real time” experience  in using the templates and worksheets included in your  toolbox. 


Prerequisite:  None


Lean Yellow Belt

5 sessions  and

exam   $792.00pp

Timeframe to complete: varies  (standard timeframe is  60 days)


This online 16-21 hour equivalency course (5 modules) is designed to provide a basic understanding of the Lean Six Sigma improvement methodology, concepts, and language, along with a  starter toolbox of  worksheets and templates to run Level One initiatives.  Candidates are only eligible to take the exam upon successful completio 

Pre-requisite:  None

QiMacros Software (optional)

The optional software subscription is  QiMacros.  Candidates can perform in this excursion without it, but is strongly recommended.  


Lean Green Belt

5 sessions and

exam    $2142.00pp

Timeframe to complete: varies (standard timeframe is up to 180 days)


Is there a Candidate Criteria?

•(optional) Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification (The first two days of the course will provide a Yellow Belt level Orientation)

•The desire to learn analytical method to problem solving and decision making

•Completion  of the certification exam

•Completion of a belt level project using tools




Timeframe :  varies (standard timeframe is up to 12 months)


Is there a Candidate Criteria?

•Active Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

  • Completed Application

•Portfolio of a minimum of 5-7 green belt level completed projects or 2-4 years experience of Project Mentoring (at least 5)

  • Submission of LSBB Completed Application 

•Certification exam

•Complete a belt level project using tools

Lean Black Belt

6 sessions, 

Portfolio review, 

exam   $5032.00pp



Lean Master  

Black Belt ,

6 sessions,

portfolio review, exam   $7387.00pp

Timeframe:  varies   (stanard timeframe is up to 12 months)


Candidate Criteria:

•Active Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

•Portfolio aof 7-10 black belt level completed projects or 3-5 years experience as an active Certified Black  Belt

•Evidence of Project Mentoring (at least 5)

•Submission of completed MBB Application

•Complete a belt level project using tools




Lean Champion


Estimated Timeframe:  up to 60 days per module


Is there a Candidate Criteria?

Must be in a leadership and/or in a process owner capacity in your organization




Estimated Timeframe:  Up to 90 days per module


Is there a Candidate Criteria?

Candidates should be in business/organizations at least 3- 5 years.




Lean LockStep Program

15 sessions with exams


Timeframe:  varies      (standard timeframe is up to 1 year)



Is there a Candidate Criteria?

•No Criteria, but should have some experience in operating your own business.

*Segments must be done in sequence.




You do not have to be a Certified Lean Professional to take the mini-sessions... just eager to expand your universe.  Select your tool of interest and add it to your cart or give us a call and we will customize your session.  We have listed the tools that are unique to the respective Belt level to avoid duplication. 

We made it simple for you to get started..."Click, BUY and DOWNLOAD" your course!!!  Here is a sampling of some of the key lean tools that you can add to your virtual library.