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Lean  Black Belt - Portfolio Review only

Lean Black Belt - Portfolio Review only

The project portfolio is required to assess the demonstrated skills and ability of the candidate in using the Lean Six
Sigma methodologies. It will be evaluated by the TBI Master Black Belt.

Candidates must submit no less than 4 projects in this application. Project criteria includes…
 Reduced product/service defects
 Reduced cycle time
 Enhanced performance
 Reduced attrition of employees/customers
 Reduced setup time
 Minimization of Costs/Maximization of revenues
 Market share increase
 Improved branding

Projects ineligible are…
 Repackaged or classroom exercises
 Projects used for prior certifications
 Projects void of problem statements and/or cost benefits
 Any project without measured current/future cost/revenue benefits
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    The application for the Lean Black Belt Portfolio Review is required
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