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TPS - A Lean Approach

TPS - A Lean Approach

This training focuses specifically on the principles and tools used in this universe of “Lean Manufacturing” as created by Mr. Toyoda and Mr. Ohno.  This Lean Course, while originating in the manufacturing climate is not just for professionals in that industry. The tools and critical thinking can translate across industry lines. 
This 3 day course is designed to assist you in understanding how to drill deeper using Kaizens and small improvement initiatives that tell the story of your business case. Most important, you will be able to obtain solutions for sustainable success.

What Will I Learn?
How to Manage Errors and Defects
Balance Manual vs Automated Activity
Reduce cycle times and change over
Manage Customer Demand and Fluctuation
Understand the cost to carry inventory
Increase ROI and efficiency

Intended Outcomes
Innovative strategies for improving businesses of any size or industry
Exposure to the universe of process and performance improvement
Lean management tools that can be used in any decision scenario
Building and /or expanding your vocabulary

Is there a Candidate Criteria?
No Criteria

Attendees are encouraged to have a focus on lean manufacturing
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