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TSU - Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam only

TSU - Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Exam only

The black belt exam is an open book test and is governed on the honor system. Candidates can use curriculum materials and notes from the completed course but must complete the exam individually. This is not a group exam. It should be done individually and will be scored in the same manner. This is a pass/fail test and candidates must get at least a 75% score to receive a pass. Candidates have 30 days to complete your exam. A certificate of completion will be generated to you after which you will need to forward to your instructor, Gail Birks so that the Official Certification can be issued.

The exam is online and will be automatically scored when you have completed all three sections. Noteworthy is that the questions on the online exam are in random order in the respective sections (easy and intermediate only). So, please read the questions carefully. Also, there are questions in the advanced section that will require you to solve problems. The data sets for the Excel QiMacros and Minitab software files are provided for you.

The exam is comprised of approximately 180 questions. Specifically, the exam contains three sections...easy, intermediate and advanced. Candidates must get the following minimum number of questions correct from each section to obtain a passing score.

Easy -32 questions out of 50 questions
Intermediate -51 questions out of 80 questions
Advanced-32 questions out of 50 questions

Questions are comprised of True/False, Multiple Choice, “Fill” in the Blank, Short Answer, Problem Solving and Diagram/Tool Recognition.

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