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Project Management- classroom

Project Management- classroom

Course Description:  
This course is designed to present a practical application to participants as it relates to the various phases of project management. This topic focuses on the business “bottom line” and the impact resulting from well run projects and/or initiatives.

Estimated Contact Hours: 16 hours

This curriculum addresses the following:
Introduction to Project Management:
What is it?
Project vs. Functional Management
The Role of the Project Manager
Project Organization
Project Team Dynamics
Crisis Minimization
Project Definition
Organization Buy in
Implementation Planning
Project Communication Plan
Managing Project Risks
Project control/monitoring
Project Process Improvement
Project Closeout and Handoff

  • Details

    Participants will be provided with a practical toolkit that can be used on the job immediately.

    The intended training objectives are:

    *Clear definitions of your role as a project manager and team
    *Understand the value of working on organized projects
    *Acquire tools and templates that empower you to manage your
    process effectively
    *Build a uniform language across your organization
    *Build a climate for enhanced implementation planning
    *Create a more efficient and inclusive decision making

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