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Online Marketing for Greater Profits

Online Marketing for Greater Profits

 It is the same Excursion that you would experience in the classroom.  The only difference is that you experience it in the comfort of your office or home  You can work on your assignments anywhere... anytime... any place.   

This Online Excursion is an independent study session tailored for entrepreneurs, business professionals, or anyone seeking to improve their marketing skills. The "Take Aways" include...

*Effectively managing your marketing cycle by building your plan of "attack" to win the customer's (internal or external) confidence.

*Building relationships with individuals who can assist in Championing your solicitation and closing the sale

*Presenting the right team capable of fulfilling the customer's needs

*Understand the real meaning of "No" and how to maneuver around its initial shock wave

*Compose your own "Song" (the elevator pitch) so that it is clear and easy on the listener's ears

*Present your OOOOOOH... AAAAHHHHHs!!! or the value added benefit that you bring to the organization that is your targeted prospect
  • Details

    This is a 8 hour equivalency course. Attendees will receive...
    -Electronic Worksheets and templates
    -eBook - "Marketing for Greater Profits"

    The course time line to access and complete is to 6 months.

    Once completed, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

    Scheduled Virtual Q&A sessions with your Marketing Facilitator
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