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Online Entrepreneur Excellence Series

Online Entrepreneur Excellence Series

For New and Emerging Entrepreneurs:

This course is the same Excursion that you would experience in the classroom. The only difference is that you experience it in the comfort of your office or home You can work on your assignments anywhere... anytime... any place. The series is comprised of 10 chapters that are approximately 4 hours equivalency each.

Participants will receive an electronic comprehensive manual of approximately 1000+ slides and scheduled virtual coaching between the sessions. They will also be provided with a electronic worksheets and templates used in the sessions.
  • Details

    *Attendees will have up to 1 year to complete the series.

    *Upon completion, a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

    *Scheduled coaching sessions (virtual will also be included in the fee.

    *Electronic version of "Marketing for Greater Profits," a comprehensive workbook for entrepreneurs and professionals who believe that time is money.

    1 year subscription for Minitab software is not included in the registration fee.

    Includes online hosting fee of 62.00.

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