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Online 10-Pack Board Governance Course - 2 hour session

Online 10-Pack Board Governance Course - 2 hour session

The Online 10-Pack is for Charter School Board that have multiple attendees who are required to take the course. We call this our value pack.  It is only available online. This bundled package covers your board training for up to 10 members and means that you have a standing reservation with us for your training requirements.

The session is customized to educate participants on the best practices and oversight components of board governance. The session contents include the required topics of board governance such as Government under the Florida Sunshine Law, Conflict of Interest, Ethics and Fiscal Accountability and the associated systems. Tangible "Take Aways" include a worksheets and templates.

Other modules included in this program are: an overview of proactive strategic implementation planning, maximizing board resources and marketing the organization for sustainability, something that is extremely important to a Charter School's success.
  • Details

    This is the 2 hour equivalency course.

    The timeline to access and complete the course is 60 days.

    Once you have registered your board, please forward the emails of all members participating so that we can forward the link to register them directly in the course.

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