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Master Black Belt - recertification

Master Black Belt - recertification

The Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt (LMBB) recertification exam tests on the  knowledge that a Certified professional should possess.  LMBB professionals will review the body of knowledge and be tested on it through the TBI online learning management system.

Since Minitab software will be used for data analysis, as well as tools common to QiMacros. The test concentrates on the practical application and use of the master black belt level tools, project team management, mentoring, project conceptualization, negotiating the integration of transformation (process and performance) as well as realized savings.

Participants will experience a practical exam of true/false, short answer, multiple choice, fill in the blank, problem solving for example. test modules covered include...

Enterprise-wide Planning and Deployment

Cross Functional Competencies

Project Planning, Management and Oversight

Training Design and Delivery

Mentoring Responsibilities

Advanced Measurement Tools and Methodology

Motivating and Managing the Team and Organization Dynamics

  • Details

    Course Criteria:

    *Submission of a project portfolio of master black belt level initiatives that provide evidence of the Lean Professional's contributions to sustainable improvement and savings/revenue enhancement/cycle time reduction.

    Active Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification
    Lean Master Black Belt Re-certification Application

    Course Materials:
    *Six Module Slide Deck
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