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TSU - Lean Lockstep Certification Program

TSU - Lean Lockstep Certification Program

TSU offers a unique remedy for our clients who do not have 3-5 years to mobilize their lean programs. The Lock-Step Program integrates White/Yellow, Green and Black Belt Certification Excursions over a 12-15 month period. Candidates are placed into a highly interactive, accelerated learning environment that introduces the Belts consecutively while managing an enterprise wide improvement initiative case study. Content is easy to understand and the toolboxes are the same as in the traditional Certification Courses. Candidates still receive the full experience, but in a project management style framework. The Belt journey refers back to prior findings by earlier belt sessions, which connects the disciplines throughout the life cycle of the improvement projects examined. A Lock-Step Program with Master Black Belt Certification has a timeframe of 15-18 months. Management styles as well as shaping group culture for sustainable success and organization growth are also an integral part of this program.

What Will I Learn?
Lean Practitioner Candidates will become more empowered in their…
Dialogue with steering committees and improvement teams
Possessing a toolbox customized for simple to complex projects
Learn to effectively coach other belt levels and SMEs in the concepts of process improvement
Enabled to strategically ask the right “Whys” and track sustainable progress.
Become more effective and efficient in your leadership styles regardless of the strategic planning initiative facilitated.

Is there a Candidate Criteria?
Candidates need to have some knowledge of Project Management and provide proof of managing at least 3 organization /program initiatives

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