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Entrepreneurial Excellence

Entrepreneurial Excellence

This education series is designed to expose the business owner (existing and perspective) to the unwritten rules of the game and can be easily customized to any industry and company size.  Participants will learn through simulations and case studies.  

Series materials include a 3-ring binder which includes a business plan template and workshop materials. Also included is a comprehensive Marketing E-Workbook.

The concepts and techniques are proven to be successful and consistent in terms of getting results and creating a sustainable operation. This “Tool Kit” series is available in the classroom environment or online where participants can learn at their own pace.

Course content includes...
I.Understanding the realities of being your own
boss… The Other Side of Business

II.How should I classify my business?

III.Creating your Roadmap (Business Plan)… Making sure
that you have address all of the “need to know”

IV.Financial Management… (two sessions)
a.Budgeting for your Personal and Business
b.Knowing your breakeven points
c.Understanding tax liabilities
d.Financial software that makes bookkeeping
e.Managing your Banking Relationship Team

V.Business Contracts and Agreements… Knowing how to
a.Creating a winning proposal or bid

VI.Human Resources and the Entrepreneur
a. Strategically planning your talent

VII.Marketing with a Cause (two sessions)
a.Developing your strategic marketing plan
b.Marketing on a zero budget
c.Customer Service
d.Niche Marketing
e.Networking strategically
f.Creating your “30 second” Elevator Pitch

VIII.Technology and Entrepreneurship
a.Social Media
b.Your operating systems and programs
c.Upgrades and replacements

IX.Strategic Partnerships
  • Details

    The registration fee is a per person assessment and covers the course facilitation and all materials.

    The series is comprised of 10 sessions that are approximately 4 hours each.

    Participants will receive a comprehensive manual of approximately 1000+ slides.

    Coaching between the sessions with your Instructor. T

    A virtual"toolkit" that contains the applicable worksheets used in the sessions.

    A Certificate of Completion
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