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A 3 - Tiered Approach to Strategic Planning

Planning Toolboxes for Individuals and Organizations.

(Toolboxes are meant for internal use only and not intended for resale.)


Additional Terms and Conditions may apply.

Tier One

This is a basic level of strategic planning and in essence only provides its audience an answer to the questions of

  • "This is who we are."...

  • "This is what we are striving to become"... and

  • "These are the core goals we want to achieve this year."


This approach to planning can be done in 30 days.  

This toolbox includes:  

  • Worksheets and Templates Toolbox

  • Summary Dashboard

  • Facilitate a 4 hour Orientation for Affiliates.

Starting at $9500.00

Tier Two

Tier 2 Planning requires a more in-depth structure for the department or organization that is using this approach to address its Future State of attaining SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. The approach and methodology used is meant to bring a more holistic approach to a small or medium sized entity in need of building a plan that is more robust than what is done in Tier 1 Planning. 

This Planning Initiative includes worksheets and templates the following ...

  • Level 1 Planning Activities

  • Verification and validation of Revenue Streams and trends

  • Operating Overhead and Burden and associated allocations

  • Board of Director/Trustee composition (and requirements)

  • Staff composition (and requirements)

  • Programs/Services/Products

  • Constituents/Customers composition

  • Messaging (internally and externally)

  • Determining what is "Critical to the Quality of Our Success" and how it is measured

Tier Two planning tends to take 3-8 months depending on the size of the organization or department.

This toolbox includes:  

  • Re-useable Worksheets and Templates

  • Summary Dashboard

  • The CMA Team will facilitate a 2- one day  Orientations 

Starting at $50,000.00

Tier Three

Tier 3 Level is for Government, large non-profits, public and private sector organizations in business and industry.  


CMA delves more assessing the following ...

  • Gap Analysis

  • Risk and Hazard Assessment (positive and adverse)

  • Market Trends

  • Defining Metrics for attaining Operational, Cultural and Market success

  • Level 1 and 2 Planning Toolboxes

  • Industry Benchmarking and Best Practices

  • Verification of "Readiness" using the Cornerstones of Growth

  • Determining Goal Priorities

  • Timelines for Goal Achievement of Cornerstones identified

  • Resources needed to Sustain and Grow

  • "Unfinished" Business


Tier Three planning usually takes approximately 9-15 months to complete.

This toolbox includes:  

  • Re-useable Worksheets and Templates

  • Summary Dashboard

  • The CMA Team will facilitate three (3) half day Orientations for Affiliates for each Planning Phase.

  • up to 5 complimentary software licenses

Starting at $150,000

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