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Online Diversity  and Inclusion Course

Online Diversity and Inclusion Course

The course is designed to present “real world” applications to participants as it relates to diversity.  This topic is treated as a “black and white” issue, whereas it is the largest gray area realm that exists in our everyday life.  This curriculum addresses the following:

•Personal Values
•Stereotypes and Biases
•EEO Laws and Hostile Work Environments
•Communication and Thought Processes (another form
of diversity)
•Role Playing
•“In Your Shoes” scenarios that invite role reversals
•The unspoken impact

The intended training objectives for participants are:
•Heighten awareness of the need to appreciate and
value diversity (resources) in the workplace

•Reinforce workplace policies related to diversity principles

•Demonstrate the value of good interpersonal and communication skills

•Raise tolerance levels for differences and cultural values

•Demonstrate the values of diversity in teams and with all stakeholders (internal and external customers)

  • Details

    *4 to 6 hour equivalency course

    *Certificate of Completion
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