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Florida Department of Education - Schools of Choice

Board Governance Training

Available in Spanish

Classroom and Online Formats

The CMA  team brings leadership the necessary skills and capacity for making effective and timely business decisions.  Our expert team brings a new  value proposition to charter school leadership by building strategies that  orchestrate and optimize performance. Our training curriculum for Charter School Board Governance has been approved by the Florida Department of Education. 

Order Form

If you have several board members to register, please CLICK HERE and use the registration form.  Once completed, submit to info@cma-ent.comIn the subject box put FDOE Charter School Board Governance Registration.

Concierge Sessions

Sometimes  our directors and executives need that personal touch and do not want to do the self-paced sessions.  So, we have created the Concierge Sessions that are conducted using our live webinar platform which provides you with real time interaction with our instructors.  

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